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Hybrid Tea is a cultivar group of roses, created by hydridising Hybrid Perpetuals with Tea Roses. Flowers are generally one Rose to a long straight, upright stem and can grow 8-15cm+ wide. Most can be as tall as 1.8m and are repeat flowering.

Floribundas are strong, vigorous plants of short to medium height. The blooms are large or in large trusses while the individual flowers are flat or cup shaped, often double like the tea roses and of medium size.

Standards are any shrub trained into the shape of a tree, with a single trunk. Standards are created by attaching at least two buds of a rose cultivar to a rootstock or understock. Standard come in heights anywhere from two feet high to over six feet, which is a weeping standard. We have two forms of standard roses available, Patio Standards and Full Standard.

David Austins are series of new roses breed by English Rose breeder David Austin.They have all the old world characteristics and tend to have a beautiful fragrance and come in a wide range of subtle colours. Most of the David Austins have the continuous flowering habit of the modern hybrid roses. Informal shrub habit with heights of one to over two metres.

Ramblers send up branches from their bases and can cover old sheds, fences and pergolas in a very short period. Some can easily grow in trees. Densely covered in leaves, many evergreen. When in full flower, ramblers give a spectacular display.

Climbers are great for training on arches, pergolas, fences, sheds and tree stumps, around posts and pillars as wind screens or to block unsightly views. Some climbers are suitable for ground covers or cascading over embankments and walls.

Grandifloras are upright plants with hybrid tea-type flowers. The flowers grow in clusters and the stems on each flower within a cluster are long enough for cutting. Grandifloras grow to between 3 and 6 feet tall. They're usually budded and are a good choice if you like lots of blooms for color in the garden and stems for cutting, all on the same plant.

Shrubs a hardy and easy to grow plant, and great for landscaping, shrubs have become very popular in recent years. They're generally large plants, and most bloom profusely throughout the season. If you need to fill a large space with color, the shrub category offers a great many choices.

Miniatures are popular small plants, usually between 6 and 36 inches in height, with their leaves and flowers in perfect proportion. They customarily grow on their own roots, and aren't budded, which makes them hardier in cold climates.
Most mini varieties will bloom profusely throughout their growing season and are a great choice for lots of color in a small space. Miniatures can also be grown indoors in pots under a full-spectrum fluorescent light or grow light.

Groundcovers The Groundcover rose is fairly new in the class of shrub roses, it has low spreading habit that runs along the ground. Most ground cover roses will bloom throughout the season.
Don't expect a low thick mat groundcover like moss, groundcover roses are short in height and will creep along the ground. They also work great tumbling over retaining walls and hanging pots.

Polyanthas A forerunner of modern floribundas, the plant itself can be quite large, covered with small flowers. Their usual habit is compact, hardy, and generous-blooming. The variety you see most often is 'The Fairy' — a wonderful variety, covered with small pink flowers on a plant that can spread to several feet in height and width.

Old garden roses or Antique roses, these roses were discovered or before 1867. The classification "old garden roses" is made up of many subclasses of roses, including alba, bourbon, China, hybrid perpetual, damask, and the species roses. Many old garden roses bloom only once during the growing season.


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